MIDI and Audio Sequencer and Notation Editor

Rosegarden is a general-purpose music composition and editing environment that offers a mixture of features inspired by MIDI sequencers, DAWs, and score editors. Rosegarden offers a variety of extensions that work in conjunction with LilyPond to produce beautiful scores that often require little or no manual editing, and it generally does a good job of rendering human MIDI performances as legible notation.

Rosegarden is ideal for the small scale home artist who wishes to use one tool to handle a music project from start to finish. For example, you can record your musical idea with a MIDI keyboard, write out transposing parts for the members of a brass band, and record the band playing these parts all in the same document in the same application. Rosegarden supports a variety of import and export formats, and works well in conjunction with other applications.

Developer: Rosegarden development team
License: GPL-2.0+
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