Rapid Photo Downloader

Download, rename and back up photos and videos from cameras and other devices

Damon Lynch


Respects Freedom

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Rapid Photo Downloader imports photos and videos from cameras, phones, memory cards and other devices at high speed. It can be configured to rename photos and videos with meaningful filenames you specify. It can also back up photos and videos as they are downloaded. It downloads from and backs up to multiple devices simultaneously.

Unique to Rapid Photo Downloader is its Timeline, which groups photos and videos based on how much time elapsed between consecutive shots. Use it to identify photos and videos taken at different periods in a single day or over consecutive days.

Written by a photographer for professional and amateur photographers, Rapid Photo Downloader is easy to configure and use. Program preferences are configured without the need for complicated codes. Common tasks can be automated, such as unmounting a memory card when the download is complete.





0.9.26-2 (byzantium)