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Lollypop is a lightweight modern music player designed to work excellently on the GNOME desktop environment. It also features a party mode which will auto-select party-related playlists; allows access the player from your couch thanks to it fullscreen mode; fetches lyrics, artwork and biography online; and provides native support for ReplayGain.

  • Multiple Audio Formats –多种音频格式 -Çoklu Ses Biçimleri -Múltiplos Formatos de Áudio –Múltiplos Formatos de Áudio –Flere lydformater –Daugelis garso formatų –複数のオーディオフォーマット –Vari Formati Audio –Formats audio multiples -Useita äänimuotoja –Pluraj Aŭdiaj Formatoj –Verschiedene Audioformate –Adskillige lydformater –Mnoho zvukových formátů –Diversos formats d'àudio – Play MP3/4, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files
  • Metadata –元信息 -Üstveri –Metadados –Metadados –Metadata –Metaduomenys –メタデータ –Metadati –Métadonnées -Metadatumo –Metadaten –Metadata –Popis –Metadades – Fetch lyrics, artist bio, and automatically download cover arts
  • Synchronization –同步 -Eşitleyici –Sincronização –Sincronização –Synkronisering –Sinchronizavimas –同期 –Sincronizzazione –Synchronisation -Synkronointi –Sinkronigado –Synchronisierung –Synkronisering –Synchronizace –Sincronització – Sync Lollypop with your Android device via MTP
  • Audio Scrobbling –音频ScrobblingSes Skroplama –Scrobbling de Áudio –Scrobbling de Áudio -Lydskrobbling –オーディオの Scrobbling –Audio Scrobbling –Scrobbling Audio -Aŭdia Luditkolektado –Lydscrobbling –Odesílání údajů o přehrávání –Àudio Scrobbling – You can scrob songs to Last.fm, Libre.fm and ListenBrainz
License: GPL-3.0+
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Suite: byzantium
Suite: landing