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Configuration tool for Veyon (Virtual Eye On Networks)


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Veyon is a software for computer monitoring and classroom management supporting Windows and Linux. It enables teachers to view and control computer labs and interact with students. Veyon is available in many different languages and provides numerous features supporting teachers and administrators at their daily work:

- Overview: monitor all computers in one or multiple locations or classrooms - Remote access: view or control computers to watch and support users - Demo: broadcast the teacher's screen in realtime (fullscreen/window) - Screen lock: draw attention to what matters right now - Communication: send text messages to students - Start and end lessons: log in and log out users all at once - Screenshots: record learning progress and document infringements - Programs & websites: launch programs and open website URLs remotely - Teaching material: distribute and open documents, images and videos easily - Administration: power on/off and reboot computers remotely

Veyon is the continuation of iTALC.

This package contains a graphical configuration manager for Veyon.





4.5.3+repack1-1 (byzantium)

4.5.3+repack1-1 (landing)

4.1.7+repack1-1 (amber)