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The vertical blanking interval (VBI) is an interval in a television signal
that temporarily suspends transmission of the signal for the electron gun
to move back up to the first line of the television screen to trace the
next screen field.
The vertical blanking interval can be used to carry data, since anything
sent during the VBI would naturally not be displayed; various test signals,
closed captioning, and other digital data can be sent during this time
period. These include information like closed-caption data, Teletext
(primarily in Europe), and now Intercast and the ATVEC Internet television
The Zapping VBI library, in short ZVBI, provides functions to capture and
decode VBI data. It is written in plain ANSI C with few dependencies on
other tools and libraries, licensed under GPL. Some features:
* Captures raw VBI samples from V4L, V4L2 and FreeBSD BKTR devices, sliced
VBI data from Linux DVB devices;
* Implements a VBI Proxy to share one VBI device between multiple
* Has a robust and versatile bit slicer which handles a wide range of data
* Functions to capture multiple data services at once, such as Closed
Caption (both NTSC and PAL), Teletext, VPS, WSS, XDS;
* Level 3.5 Teletext decoder with support for all Teletext character sets,
graphics, 4096 colors, with built-in page cache including search
* Closed Caption decoder which supports roll-up, pop-up and paint-on style
caption, color, expanded character set, text attributes and free text
* Renders Teletext and Caption pages, can export to HTML, PNG and other
* Can determine network names;
* Can find Teletext subtitle and program pages;
* Functions to extract data transmissions in Teletext streams (currently
Page Format Clear and Independent Data Line Format A);
* Can multiplex and demultiplex DVB VBI PES and TS streams.
This package contains internationalization files.

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