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OpenAL, the Open Audio Library, is a joint effort to create an open,
vendor-neutral, cross-platform API for interactive, primarily spatialized
audio. OpenAL's primary audience are application developers and desktop
users that rely on portable standards like OpenGL, for games and other
multimedia applications.
This library is meant as a compatible update/replacement to the OpenAL Sample
Implementation (the SI). The SI has been unmaintained for quite a while, and
would require a lot of work to clean up. This is a fork the old Windows version
to attempt an accelerated ALSA version of an OpenAL implementation.
OpenAL Soft supports mono, stereo, 4-channel, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 output, as
opposed to the SI's 4-channel max (though it did have some provisions for 6
channel, this was not 5.1, and was seemingly a "late" addition). OpenAL Soft
does not support the Vorbis and MP3 extensions, however those were considered
deprecated even in the SI. It does, though, support some of the newer
extensions like AL_EXT_FLOAT32 and AL_EXT_MCFORMATS for multi-channel and
floating-point formats, as well as ALC_EXT_EFX for environmental audio effects,
and others.
This package installs the OpenAL Soft shared library.

Priority: optional
Section: libs
Suites: amber byzantium crimson dawn landing 
Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel [꩜]>
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