python3-sphinx - 3.4.3-2 main

Sphinx is a tool for producing documentation for Python projects, using
reStructuredText as markup language.
Sphinx features:
* HTML, CHM, LaTeX output,
* Cross-referencing source code,
* Automatic indices,
* Code highlighting, using Pygments,
* Extensibility. Existing extensions:
- automatic testing of code snippets,
- including docstrings from Python modules.
Build-depend on sphinx if your package uses /usr/bin/sphinx-*
executables. Build-depend on python3-sphinx if your package uses
the Python API (for instance by calling python3 -m sphinx).

Priority: optional
Section: python
Suites: amber byzantium crimson dawn landing 
Maintainer: Debian Python Team <team+python [꩜]>
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