xml-core - 0.18+nmu1 main

This package creates the XML infrastructure directories and provides
XML catalog file support in compliance with the current Debian XML
Policy draft:
* infrastructure directories:
- /etc/xml
- /usr/share/xml/{declaration,entities,misc,schema}
- /usr/local/share/xml/{declaration,entities,misc,schema}
* XML catalog schema: OASIS XML Catalog Committee Specification 1.0
* update-xmlcatalog(8): tool for maintaining the root XML catalog
file and the package XML catalog files in the '/etc/xml' directory
as well as local XML catalog files.
* dh_installxmlcatalogs(1): debhelper tool for installing local XML
catalog files and registering XML entities in package XML catalog
files and the root XML catalog file (requires debhelper package)

Priority: optional
Section: text
Suites: amber byzantium crimson dawn landing 
Maintainer: Debian XML-SGML group <debian-sgml [꩜] lists.debian.org>
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