ironseed - 0.3.6-5 main

It was originally both developed and published by Channel 7 for DOS in 1994.
Gameplay is real-time, featuring trading, diplomacy, and strategy, and
somewhat resembles Star Control 2 / Ur-Quan masters.
Storyline: Escaping the iron fist of a fanatic theocracy, the members of
the Ironseed Movement launch into space and are set adrift after suffering
a computer malfunction. As captain, you awaken along with the crew some
thousand years later and are confronted by an alien horde...

Priority: optional
Section: games
Suites: byzantium crimson landing 
Maintainer: Matija Nalis <mnalis-deb [꩜]>
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Installed Size: 5.6 MB
Architectures: arm64  amd64 



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