lcdf-typetools - 2.108-3 main

LCDF Typetools comprises several programs
for manipulating PostScript Type 1, Type 1 multiple master,
and OpenType fonts.
Programs to manipulate OpenType, multiple-master, and Type 1 fonts:
* cfftot1
allows you to translate Compact Font Format (CFF)
or PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts
into PostScript Type 1 font format.
* otfinfo
reports information about OpenType fonts,
such as the features they support.
and the contents of their "size" optical size option
* otftotfm
allows you to create TeX font metrics and encodings
for using PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts.
NB! This tool requires the additional package texlive-binaries.
* t1dotlessj
creates a Type 1 font with a single character --
the dotless j corresponding to the specified design.
* t1lint
checks a Type 1 font for correctness
* t1rawafm
generates a "raw" (kernless and ligatureless) AFM file
given a font file (PFB/PFA).
* t1reencode
changes a PostScript Type 1 font embedded encoding.
* t1testpage
creates a PostScript test page for a specified font file
* ttftotype42
converts TrueType or TrueType-flavored OpenType font programs
into PostScript Type 42 format.
LCDF-TypeTools also includes the multiple-master font tools
allowing you to use multiple-master fonts
with programs that require single-master fonts
(afm2tfm, ps2pk, fontinst, etc.).
Both programs work fine with fonts
that contain intermediate masters
(e.g., Adobe Jenson MM and Adobe Kepler MM).
* mmafm
creates an AFM (Adobe font metric) file
corresponding to a single instance of a multiple-master font.
It reads (and therefore requires) the AMFM and AFM files
distributed with the font.
* mmpfb
creates a normal, single-master font program
that looks like an instance of a multiple-master font.
It reads the multiple-master font program in PFA or PFB format.
LCDF stands for Little Cambridgeport Design Factory.

Priority: optional
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Maintainer: Debian Fonts Task Force <pkg-fonts-devel [꩜]>
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