libwpewebkit-1.1-dev - 2.38.6-1 main

WebKit is a modern web engine that is able to display content such as
HTML, SVG, XML, and others. It also supports DOM, XMLHttpRequest,
XSLT, CSS, JavaScript/ECMAScript and more.
WPE WebKit is a WebKit port optimized for embedded devices and,
unlike the GTK port, it does not depend on any particular UI toolkit
and can be adapted to different use cases. It is designed with
hardware acceleration in mind, leveraging common 3D graphics APIs for
best performance.
This build provides version 1.1 of the API and uses libsoup v3 for
the networking stack.
This package contains the development files.

Priority: optional
Section: libdevel
Suites: crimson 
Maintainer: Debian WebKit Maintainers <pkg-webkit-maintainers [꩜]>
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Architectures: arm64  amd64 



2.38.6-1 arm64 2.38.6-1 amd64