openttd - 13.0-2 main

OpenTTD is a reimplementation of the Microprose game "Transport
Tycoon Deluxe" with lots of new features and enhancements.
OpenTTD is playable with the free graphics files from the openttd-opengfx
package and optional sound and music files from the openttd-opensfx and
openttd-openmsx packages Alternatively, OpenTTD can use the graphics files
from the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe game (See README.Debian on how to set
this up).

Priority: optional
Section: games
Suites: amber byzantium crimson landing 
Maintainer: Matthijs Kooijman <matthijs [꩜]>
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Installed Size: 9.8 MB
Architectures: arm64  amd64 



13.0-2 arm64 13.0-2 amd64