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The ParaType PT Sans and PT Serif font families were developed as
part of the "Public Types of Russian Federation" project. The main
objective of the project is to allow the peoples of Russia to read
and write their native languages using free/libre fonts.
In addition to standard Western, Central European, and Cyrillic code
pages, the fonts contain characters of all title languages of the
Russian Federation.
PT Sans is based on Russian sans serif types of the second part of
the XX century, but at the same time has a very distinctive features
of modern humanistic design. The family consists of 8 styles: 4
basic styles, 2 caption styles for small sizes, and 2 narrow styles.
PT Serif is a transitional serif face with humanistic terminals
designed for use together with PT Sans. It consists of 6 styles: 4
basic styles, and 2 caption styles for small sizes.
The fonts were released by ParaType, and designed by Alexandra
Korolkova, Olga Umpeleva and Vladimir Yefimov.

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