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Andika ("Write!" in Swahili) is a sans serif, Unicode-compliant font
designed especially for literacy use, taking into account the needs of
beginning readers. The focus is on clear, easy-to-perceive letterforms that
will not be easily confused with one another.
A sans serif font is preferred by some literacy personnel for teaching
people to read. Its forms are simpler and less cluttered than some serif
fonts can be. For years, literacy workers have had to make do with fonts
that were available but not really suitable for beginning readers and
writers. In some cases, literacy specialists have had to tediously cobble
together letters from a variety of fonts in order to get the all of
characters they need for their particular language project, resulting in
confusing and unattractive publications. Andika addresses those issues.
Four fonts from this typeface family are included in this release:
* Andika Regular
* Andika Bold
* Andika Italic
* Andika Bold Italic
Webfont versions and HTML/CSS examples are also available.
The full font sources are publicly available at
An open workflow is used for building, testing and releasing.

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