javahelper - 0.80 main

Javahelper contains several scripts which help in packaging
Java programs.
jh_depends searches jars to find which packages they depend on,
similar to dh_shlibdeps. It will also add depends on jarwrapper
for packages with executable jars.
jh_classpath will register the classpath dependencies for each
jar so that they can be automatically loaded when that jar is
used by other programs.
jh_manifest updates the manifest in jar files according to
a provided spec so that the resultant jar files will work with
jarwrapper-enabled packages.
jh_exec looks for symlinks to jars which should be executable
and makes them executable
jh_build builds java files to jars for you.
jh_installlibs installs library jars into the correct locations
jh_makepkg generates a template for a Debian Java package for you
jh_installeclipse installs features/plugins built by pde-build.
jh_setupenvironment prepares an out of source built for eclipse builds.
jh_generateorbitdir creates and populates an orbit dir for eclipse
jh_compilefeatures compiles eclipse features based on feature ids.
/usr/share/javahelper/ provides a selection of useful
variables such as various JVM paths and the JVM name for the architecture
/usr/share/javahelper/ converts Debian architecture
names into java names to locate in non-make build systems
javahelper provides CDBS and dh macros so that it can be used with those
package build systems.
Note that some of the eclipse helpers depends on packages not pulled
by default (like with devscripts). You can find these scripts in

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Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers <pkg-java-maintainers [꩜]>
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