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The LuaMetaTeX program is a light weight variant of LuaTeX. This
program finds its origin in parts of TeX (the original program, eTeX
(some extensions), pdfTeX (more extensions) Aleph (based on Omega,
directions) and of course LuaTeX (lots of things).
This is a follow up on the LuaTeX project. The source is considered
part of the ConTeXt distribution and managed by the ConTeXt development
team and the ConTeXt user group. That way it can be guaranteed that the
engine and this TeX macro package work together as expected. The idea
is that users can easily compile the source themselves and that way
have a guaranteed long term (minimal) TeX based installation. Because
the management scripts are in Lua, only one binary is needed to serve
the ConTeXt distribution.
In the source code it was tried to stay close to the ancestors, LuaTeX,
pdfTeX, eTeX and TeX, but in the meantime due to additions there is
quite some diverge. There are new primitives and submechanisms, there
is more control over the inner workings, font handling is mostly
delegated to Lua and there is no built-in backend. The code base is
all-inclusive and has no (nor will have) dependencies on external
libraries. Performance and memory consumption have been optimized and
the additions (compared to LuaTeX) don’t have a negative impact.

Priority: optional
Section: tex
Suites: dawn landing 
Maintainer: Debian TeX Task Force <debian-tex-maint [꩜]>
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2.11.02+really2.11.01+ds-1 arm64 2.11.02+really2.11.01+ds-1 amd64