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Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection contains a number of popular
puzzle games for one player. It currently consists of these games:
* Black Box, ball-finding puzzle
* Bridges, bridge-placing puzzle
* Cube, rolling cube puzzle
* Dominosa, domino tiling puzzle
* Fifteen, sliding block puzzle
* Filling, polyomino puzzle
* Flip, tile inversion puzzle
* Flood, flood-filling puzzle
* Galaxies, symmetric polyomino puzzle
* Guess, combination-guessing puzzle
* Inertia, gem-collecting puzzle
* Keen, arithmetic Latin square puzzle
* Light Up, light-bulb placing puzzle
* Loopy, loop-drawing puzzle
* Magnets, magnet-placing puzzle
* Map, map-colouring puzzle
* Mines, mine-finding puzzle
* Mosaic, grid-filling puzzle
* Net, network jigsaw puzzle
* Netslide, toroidal sliding network puzzle
* Palisade, grid-division puzzle
* Pattern, pattern puzzle
* Pearl, loop-drawing puzzle
* Pegs, peg solitaire puzzle
* Range, visible-distance puzzle
* Rectangles, rectangles puzzle
* Same Game, block-clearing puzzle
* Signpost, square-connecting puzzle
* Singles, number-removing puzzle
* Sixteen, toroidal sliding block puzzle
* Slant, maze-drawing puzzle
* Solo, number placement puzzle
* Tents, tent-placing puzzle
* Towers, tower-placing Latin square puzzle
* Tracks, path-finding railway track puzzle
* Twiddle, rotational sliding block puzzle
* Undead, monster-placing puzzle
* Unequal, Latin square puzzle
* Unruly, black and white grid puzzle
* Untangle, planar graph layout puzzle

Priority: optional
Section: games
Suites: amber byzantium crimson dawn landing 
Maintainer: Ben Hutchings <benh [꩜]>
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