w3m - 0.5.3+git20230121-2+b3 main

w3m is a text-based World Wide Web browser with IPv6 support.
It features excellent support for tables and frames. It can be used
as a standalone file pager, too.
* You can follow links and/or view images in HTML.
* Internet message preview mode, you can browse HTML mail.
* You can follow links in plain text if it includes URL forms.
* With w3m-img, you can view inline images.
This package provides Debian's w3m, forked from the original version

Priority: optional
Section: web
Suites: amber byzantium crimson dawn landing 
Maintainer: Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats [꩜] debian.org>
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Installed Size: 3.1 MB
Architectures: amd64  arm64 



0.5.3+git20230121-2+b3 arm64 0.5.3+git20230121-2+b3 amd64 0.5.3+git20230121-2 arm64 0.5.3+git20230121-2 amd64