Fill in digits so that each connected region of squares containing the same digit has an area equal to that digit


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Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection contains a number of popular puzzle games for one player. It currently consists of these games:

* Black Box, ball-finding puzzle * Bridges, bridge-placing puzzle * Cube, rolling cube puzzle * Dominosa, domino tiling puzzle * Fifteen, sliding block puzzle * Filling, polyomino puzzle * Flip, tile inversion puzzle * Galaxies, symmetric polyomino puzzle * Guess, combination-guessing puzzle * Inertia, gem-collecting puzzle * Keen, arithmetic Latin square puzzle * Light Up, light-bulb placing puzzle * Loopy, loop-drawing puzzle * Magnets, magnet-placing puzzle * Map, map-colouring puzzle * Mines, mine-finding puzzle * Net, network jigsaw puzzle * Netslide, toroidal sliding network puzzle * Pattern * Pearl, loop-drawing puzzle * Pegs, peg solitaire puzzle * Range, visible-distance puzzle * Rectangles * Same Game, block-clearing puzzle * Signpost, square-connecting puzzle * Singles, number-removing puzzle * Sixteen, toroidal sliding block puzzle * Slant, maze-drawing puzzle * Solo, number placement puzzle * Tents, tent-placing puzzle * Towers, tower-placing Latin square puzzle * Twiddle, rotational sliding block puzzle * Undead, monster-placing puzzle * Unequal, Latin square puzzle * Unruly, black and white grid puzzle * Untangle, planar graph layout puzzle





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