fontconfig - 2.15.0-1.1 main

Fontconfig is a font configuration and customization library, which
does not depend on the X Window System. It is designed to locate
fonts within the system and select them according to requirements
specified by applications.
Fontconfig is not a rasterization library, nor does it impose a
particular rasterization library on the application. The X-specific
library 'Xft' uses fontconfig along with freetype to specify and
rasterize fonts.
This package contains a program to maintain the fontconfig cache
(fc-cache), a sample program to list installed fonts (fc-list), a program
to test the matching rules (fc-match) and a program to dump the binary
cache files in string form (fc-cat). It no longer makes fonts managed by defoma
available to fontconfig applications.

Priority: optional
Section: fonts
Suites: amber byzantium crimson dawn landing 
Maintainer: Debian maintainers <pkg-freedesktop-maintainers [꩜]>
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